Instagram Post Ideas to Boost Engagement Instantly

Let’s be real.

We’re not posting just to be posting. We want that action! But truth of the matter is, social media is streaming content at hyper-speed that you have to get creative in order to create the bait. And another thing… It’s more than just about likes! There are several other stats you need to be aware of that can tell you a lot about your brand and content performance. Here are things you can start doing right away that will boost your engagement quickly, but first… let’s go over the types of engagement you can receive from Instagram Post:

  • Likes
  • Views of Profile
  • Comment
  • Share
  • Save
  • Website Clicks

Ask a Question

Asking your audience a question is a easy way to get creative and receive engagement through feedback. This can be done through a simple post, asking a question in the caption or on the post itself. But, you’re more likely to get better results from using the Poll & Quiz options by posting in your Stories.

Recently, I’ve had huge success with simply creating a quiz for my followers to guess what is in my Amazon Prime packages before I open them. This is a super effective way to get you audience engaged and involved in your process to the point they truly feel like they know what you got going on. (even if they don’t.)

Share Common Interest

More than likely you share common interest with your audience. Think about something that they can relate to. This can be something that happened in your day that ticks you off or makes you happy, restaurants and brands you enjoy, debates that you pick a side on, or personal values and opinions. Make a post and have them “drop a comment or emoji” if they agree. This is a good way to increase comment engagement and spark further conversation.

Create Curiosity

Creating curiosity in a post is an easy way to boost your profile views. This is what I like to call “finese.” You could create curiosity with the image itself or with the caption. There’s plenty of clever ways to do it, but here are some simple ways to start. In your caption you could refer to one of your older post saying “A few post back I told you guys how …” This will make viewers be curious about what you talked about in your previous posts and go back and check you profile to see. You could also tell folks to check the link in bio to learn more about your post. This will not only lead them to view your profile to get to the link, but this drives website traffic as well because viewers are curious in learning more.

Quotes that Hit

You know that one quote or caption you read that just hits you differently and you really feel like it was made for you… so much so, that you just have to repost it? Yes, you need quotes like that! Again, this goes back to sharing common interests and knowing who your audience is. What emotionally triggers them? What quote or caption can you share that will make them want to share it instantly? I’ve tried this method and it works! Some of my most quiet and “ghost” followers will even crawl out of their hole to repost a quote they relate too. And guess what? It’s usually one you have already seen floating around. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel on this. In fact, this is an opportunity to re-create a quote you enjoy that has been passed around so much that the font is a little fuzzy. Yeah, trash that and make a fresh one. Also, consider leaving it a simple black and white so that when others repost, it is easy to blend with their own aesthetic. Ooooorrrrr, make it cute! LOL. Either way, make sure they FEEL IT!

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